Immunity is body’s defense mechanism to resist the virus infections. Our immunity system is complex and influenced by several factors – diet, vitamins and mineral supplements, lifestyle, etc. In this blog, we draw your attention towards the topic of immunity and bust some of its myths prevailing in the society. The Top 5 Myths have been chosen from relevance standpoint:

1. I’m allergic, so carry less immunity

Being allergic to certain things and seasons has nothing to do with immunity. Allergy is a result of unnatural reaction of body, such as cold or sneeze, to natural substances, but not necessarily reflection of lower immunity.

2. I eat more, so carry high immunity (and strength too)

What you eat is much more important than how much you eat. And there’s no magic food that can boost your immunity. What can help is balanced diet and blending fruits and vegetables into the meals. Overeating causes more harm, than help.

3. Stress levels don’t affect immunity

Stress impacts your body hormones and also, reduces body’s white blood cells, in-turn impairing your ability to fight viruses. And stress contributes to other conditions and disorders such as high BP, stroke, etc.

4. Garlic prevents cold and/or kills viruses

Garlic soothes and comforts your throat but doesn’t really kill viruses or prevent cold and its related infections. This represents the class of other myths about such simple home remedies claiming to kill Coronavirus! Garlic, along with other ingredients such as red peppers, carrots, chicken, etc. can however, collectively help improve immunity.

5. I’m vaccinated, hence protected from all viruses

Being vaccinated for a given influenza doesn’t prevent us from the attacks from other stains of the same virus, leave aside other viruses. It’s good not to take either of the extreme views here i.e., one that promotes the idea of avoiding vaccinations assuming that they reduce immunity system, and the opposite one that build overconfidence on immunity developed from the flu shots or other forms of vaccination.

Individual’s immunity level is a result of many factors, some within and some outside our control. By working on the factors in our control, such as – following healthy diet, regular exercising, intake of adequate MVTs (mineral, vitamin and trace element) supplements and timely vaccination we can help improve our immunity.

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