Do you know that there are more than 200 viruses that cause the common cold?

Yes, there are 200 ways one can catch a common cold.

Each of these viruses evades our body’s natural defence to trigger colds and illnesses to make us miserable for days. No wonder it is the most highly spread infectious disease around the globe. Both the exact cause and treatment remain elusive.

Oh yeah, there is no remedy for the common cold yet. There exist only treatment for the symptoms which can last from 3 days to two weeks.  So when you (or even me) catch a cold, we are not treating the cause of the common cold but we are treating only the symptoms which is similar to putting a band-aid on every scrap – minor or major.

Sure it may work, but there is no strict timeline. It can take days or even weeks by the time we are sapped and begin to snap at everyone.

We may not have a treatment yet.

But what if we tell you there is one sure-shot way to cut down the downtime and even prevent the common cold?

Read on to know how:

It starts with an I and ends with a Y: 

Immunity is how you throw the common cold out of the system before it settles down to sap your energy.

Our Immunity or immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, organs and proteins.

And this complex system has one simple task that it excels at – to protect the body from harmful viruses, gems or foreign substances which could make us ill.

Immune system – Our natural armour against disease and illness: 

This natural armour is triggered when an antigen (foreign bacteria, virus or fungi) try to infiltrate our system. Once the body comes into contact with any of these antigens, it creates a response that takes down it and also stores the information about this particular antigen. This information helps it recognize the germ straight away to mitigate it to neutralize it.

Not every time the invading antigens are small enough to be neutralized by our innate immunity. This is when we take medicines which suppress and kill these antigens quickly for faster results.

But why is there no cure for the common cold yet?

As said above there are more than 200+ viruses that can catch a cold. No medicine can target and neutralize all these viruses. The medicine for the common cold we usually find in the market just relieves the symptoms to give your body more time to build immunity.

So in effect, we are only treating the symptoms of the common cold caused by one particular virus. A new virus triggers a new instance of cold and illness.

This is exactly why the common cold is so common around the world.

How does immunity help against the common cold and other illnesses?

When the common cold-causing virus invades the body, our immune system quickly jumps into action to fight the infection. Surprisingly, our immune system is what causes the stuffy nose and cough – the usual symptoms associated with the common cold. They are caused by our own body and represent the fight put up by our immune system. While fighting the virus, our immune system develops antibodies which help our body take down the virus in the future.

Since the common cold can be caused by 200+ viruses, we are attacked by different viruses over our lifetime. This is exactly on average we are prone to at least 4-5 severe common cold cases every year.

A robust immune system is our only shield against the common cold and illnesses:

A weaker immune system increases the frequency of the common cold. For every instance, the cough, sneezing, running nose and fever can stretch for days and even weeks.  The only way to decrease the downtime and severity of the symptoms is to build stronger immunity.

Here’s how you can build a stronger immunity:

  • Exercise: Moderate-intensity exercise regenerates immunity cells at a faster pace.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Cutting down on smoke and alcohol promotes overall health and gives your body more able to fight the antigens.
  • Sleep: Sleep and immunity are more tied together than anything else. A consistent sleep of more than 7 hours is mandatory for a healthy immune system.
  • Manage your stress levels: Long-term stress levels trigger inflammation and suppress the immune response.

While the above 4 factors do contribute towards boosting our immune system, a well-balanced diet is a critical tenet that stands as a pillar.

A well-balanced diet: The fastest way to boost your immunity:

A well-rounded diet with the right balance of healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that support your immune system is the key to protect against common cold and illness.

Some of the key nutrients that play a prominent role in boosting our immunity include:

A balanced diet with the above micronutrients can quickly boost our immunity to protect against the common cold and illness. At the same time getting everything right in the limited time we have can be tough without multivitamin supplement for immunity, like Ridomaxx.

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