Father’s Day is right around the corner! This day is perfect to show your affection and respect to your dad. Every father is an inspirational model for his child, who always guides them towards the right path. We all have seen our fathers work hard and make sacrifices just to bring smiles to our faces. So on this Father’s Day, let’s showcase our unconditional love and respect towards our father. These days many online portals sell an expansive range of gifting items at the best cost. So, feeling tussled in picking a unique and meaningful gift for him? Don’t worry, we have got your back. Here is the list of the 10 best gifting options for fathers day:

1. Protein shake with the bottle:

The protein shakes are often consumed by people before/after work-out. But other than that protein shakes help in muscle gain, weight loss, and injury recovery. If your dad is working out or building his body, this gift is a perfect match for him.

2. Smart Watch:

The vast technological evolution never fails to surprise us. The same goes for smartwatches, one of the most stand-out features of smartwatches is health and fitness. Features like heart rate monitor, sleep monitor and pedometer help monitor our lifestyle. This is a perfect gift for every dad.

3. Sneakers:

Sneakers make a great fashion gift as well as a fitness gift You can give your dad comfortable sneakers that match his fashion and also motivate him to exercise.

4. A Massager and Massaging Oils:

Working hard to earn for the family can make your dad tired and exhausted on some days. A massager and massaging oils help in relaxing and also give a night of better sleep. Don’t you think it is quite a unique and helpful gift?

5. Dry Fruit Hamper:

We all know that dry fruits are healthy snacks that are full of nutrients. So gifting a hamper of dry fruits will help your dad choose a healthy snack and also shows your care towards his health.

6. Blue Screen Block Glasses:

Working on-screen can make your eyes exhausted and tired. Not only does it affect the eyes but also causes stress to the brain. If your dad works with computers/ laptops for over 4 hours every day then blue screen block glasses are a great gifting option.

7. Parachute linen sheet set and pillows:

Your sleep plays a major role in maintaining your body healthyAnd growing to be adults we understand a lot of reasons that affect our sleep schedule. So here’s a gifting option that helps in getting a night of quality sleep- A parachute linen sheet set and pillows (according to your comfort). These sheets are known for their features like moisture absorbing, cool in material and soft which help you get a great sleep.

8. Skincare:

Men also get conscious about their skin. Skincare not only takes care of your skin but also helps you in relaxing. There are various types of skin care in the market that cater to your skin type and also if you face any skin-related issue. So you can pick a skincare kit that’s best for your dad’s skin type, which helps you show a sweet gesture of love and attention.

9. Multi-Vitamins:

We all know the importance of nutrients in our body, and growing into adults we need to give special attention to our body needs. What’s better than nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements aren’t bad for the body, they take care of the overall well-being of the body. So this gift is the best to showcase how much you care about your health and well-being.

10. Health check kit:

A health check kit contains a BP monitor, Diabetes monitor, Hepatitis C Test and Genetic Test devices. If your father faces any of the above issues then you can give him a health check kit that makes monitoring convenient.

We hope this has helped you pick a meaningful gift. As a child we always want our father to be healthy and fit, so this Fathers Day let’s opt for healthy gifting options.

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