Breakfast, as the name goes, is the meal that breaks the overnight fasting period. According to research and survey done, every one out of four skips their breakfast, which makes a sizeable Indian population. Not only in India but people around the world tend to skip their breakfast at least once a week, for example In the USA 25% of the population skips breakfast, in Australia, 52% let go of their breakfast at least once a week and in Europe 20-26%. Breakfast is an important meal that replenishes essential nutrients in the body, gives the body a boost of energy and supplies glucose. Breakfast provides us with a good and healthy lifestyle, which is why it is tagged as the most essential meal of the day

Numerous researches have shown that eating breakfast improves concentration, boosts energy, reduces the risk of heart diseases in the long term, and helps in weight management. Despite the health benefits of breakfast, research and surveys show many people have inadequate breakfast or completely skip it for various reasons.

After a good overnight sleep, you might not have eaten for nearly 10 hours. Eating breakfast replenishes nutrients and energy in your body. Let’s understand how breakfast makes you feel fresh and gives you the energy to keep going for the whole day. We all know that the main energy source for the body is glucose, which we get from the carbohydrates we eat. Most of the energy in our body is stored as fats but some amount of glucose gets stored as glycogen. Glycogen is stored in your liver and very small amounts of it are stored in your muscles.

The liver breaks down glycogen into glucose during the fasting period, i.e., overnight and releases it into your bloodstream to keep a stable blood sugar level. This is important for the brain as it relies on glucose almost entirely for energy.

If you skip breakfast your body uses up glycogen stores for energy, once glycogen store is completely used up then the body begins to break down fatty acids to gain the energy it needs. But fatty acids are partially oxidized without carbohydrates which can further reduce the energy level in your body.

People who eat breakfast tend to be more energetic and physically active as their glycogen levels and energy is replenished.

The breakfast meal needs to be rich in iron, fiber, calcium, Vitamin B and folate with are the key nutrients for your body. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are very important for the body in long term, so even if you are confident that your body can make it to the next meal without breakfast, you still need vitamins and minerals to maintain vitality and health.

Studies suggest that breakfast also has an impact on your mental performance like memory, attention and concentration. Skipping breakfast might make you feel lazy and hard to focus on things because your brain has not received its energy source (glucose).

People skip their breakfast for a few common reasons like:

  • Waking up late
  • Do not feel hungry in the morning
  • Bored of the same breakfast dishes
  • Too tired to have breakfast
  • Do not have time, because need to rush to work/ study place.
  • Tring to lose weigh

While skipping breakfast is not at all recommended as you will be missing the nutritional content, we suggest you few ways to make up for the nutrition.

  • Wake up 10-15 sooner for breakfast.
  • Lookup for quick and easy breakfast recipes.
  • Prepare your breakfast meal a night before like Yogurt (top it with fresh fruits in the morning) or oats meal (soak oats in milk add the flavour you want like coco powder or honey and freeze it overnight. Top it with fresh fruits or nuts in the morning.)
  • If you are not having a healthy breakfast and are feeling weak, do take your nutritional supplements with the meal.
  • Prepare smoothies with fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and yogurt so that you can carry it while rushing to work.


Your body needs all the nutrients to stay fit and healthy. So do not skip your breakfast, and make sure to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast. We also recommend taking multi-vitamin supplements from RIDOMAXX as it ensures your body gets all the essential nutrients. Ridomaxx multi-vitamins also build your immunity, boosts your energy, improves heart health, nourishes your skin and keeps your body strong. Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy.