In covid patients, the immunity gets compromised to a large extent. Thus the first and foremost support that the body needs is to boost immunity which gives the fighting power so that our body can fight against the covid virus; ensuring faster recovery. Not only this but the post-recovery phase from covid infection can also be cut short and patients can get well faster. Multivitamins play a very important role here by ensuring that our body gets the desired nutrition for performing all its functions optimally. Thus, through vitamin supplementation, we ensure that our body regains its strength to fight the infection and recover faster.

Multivitamin tablets for covid patients are a must to increase their immunity and help them regain their lost health.

Vitamins for covid immunity that have been most widely used are vitamin C in combination with Zinc. However, various other vitamins, trace elements, and minerals are also necessary to improve the overall health of the tissues and also to boost the immunity of the body.

Ridomaxx Men and Ridomaxx Women are today the best multivitamin in India for daily use. The two products are developed scientifically to offer the right nutrition to men and women. In covid patients, nutritional supplements or multivitamins help in recovering from the covid infection and regain the body strength at the earliest.

Ridomaxx is an oral multivitamin supplement that is rich in zinc and vitamin C. Zinc and vitamin C have been proposed to reduce the duration and severity of viral infections because they boost the immune response of our body and thus help the body fight covid effectively.

Apart from these two essential nutrients, Ridomaxx offers complete nutritional support to covid patients through the 24 nutrients comprising of Multivitamins, minerals, and trace elements. This scientifically developed multivitamin supplement formula with other essential nutritional factors might help the covid patients to recover fast and regain their natural body strength at the earliest. When the proper nutritional supplement like Ridomaxx is added as a daily nutritional supplement to the diet of the covid patients, it might help the covid sufferer to get well sooner as the body will be able to strengthen its immune system and thus fight the infection with the support of proper nutrition that is received daily.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A helps the immune system function.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D regulates the calcium and phosphate quantity in the body.

Vitamin E: This vitamin has beneficial effects because of its strong antioxidant properties which help fight the free radicals.

Vitamin K: The body needs this nutrient to stay healthy. Vitamin K deficiency might reduce bone strength.

Vitamin B1: All cells of the body require vitamin B1 to form the fuel the body runs on—adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Vitamin B1 helps nerves to function normally.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): The body’s energy supply is maintained by this vitamin. Riboflavin plays an important role in converting carbohydrates into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is important for storing energy in muscles.

Vitamin B is needed for: The optimum health of mucous membranes of the digestive system

  • Maintaining a healthy liver
  • Good health of muscles, eyes, nerves, and skin.
  • Activating and absorbing folic acid, iron, and vitamins B1, B3, and B6
  • Hormone production by the adrenal glands

Vitamin B3: This helps in the synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids and plays a critical role in maintaining cellular antioxidant function.

Vitamin B6 1.75 mg: Vitamin B6 is important for optimal health and has a role in preventing and treating chronic diseases. It may prevent and treat Anemia by supporting the production of hemoglobin.

Vitamin B12: This is a vital nutrient that helps maintain the health of the body through various ways:

  • Helps Red Blood Cell formation and Prevention of Anaemia
  • May reduce muscle degeneration
  • Improves mood and helps in depression
  • Helps prevent loss of neurons
  • Improves energy levels
  • Helps improve heart health 

Folic acid: This vitamin plays an important role in producing and maintaining new cells.

Pantothenic Acid: It is one of 8 B vitamins. The B vitamins are vital as they help our body to convert food into glucose, which the body uses to produce energy.

Biotin:  Biotin is used for preventing and treating biotin deficiency associated with malnutrition and rapid weight loss.

Calcium: Apart from keeping bones healthy, Calcium has many other uses like controlling high levels of magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium in your blood.

Phosphorus: Phosphorus along calcium helps in building bones. Both calcium and phosphorus are needed for good bone health. Phosphorus has another important role and that is information of nucleic acids and cell membranes. It is involved in the body’s energy production and doing so helps ensure that cells and tissues are properly maintained, repaired, and replaced as they age.

Iodine: Iodine helps maintain thyroid health. It also helps in neurodevelopment.

Iron: Iron prevents the development of iron deficiency anemia and thus keeps you energetic and healthy.

Magnesium: Helps to maintain electrolyte balance and thus helps in prevention of tremor, poor coordination, muscle spasms and loss of appetite. Magnesium helps convert food into energy. It helps create new proteins from amino acids and thus helps create and repair DNA and RNA.

Magnesium keeps muscles and nerves healthy. The exercise performance is improved with magnesium.

Chromium: Chromium helps to control blood sugar.

Molybdenum: It activates enzymes and prevents the build-up of toxins in the body.

Selenium: It helps in maintaining muscle health and improves mood. Selenium helps maintain the health of the brain, thyroid, lungs, and immune system.

Copper: Copper helps treat fatigue and weakness. Copper also helps in preventing anemia by helping the production of red blood cells. It helps to maintain a healthy heart and positively influences the health of major organs.

Zinc: Zinc helps in improving immunity, growth, appetite, stomach health, and muscle health. It also helps in keeping the heart-healthy.

Manganese: Manganese helps maintain bone and general good health.

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