Depression can be a serious condition that worsens over time if left unattended. Unlike physical disorders or conditions, symptoms of depression often get overlooked and underestimated by the patients and their care takers. It’s advisable to consult experts to seek professional help for treating it timely and effectively.

However, there are ways to reduce the impact of depression naturally at home. Let’s discuss some of those natural treatments, lifestyle changes and food supplements that can help you combat depression and lead a healthier (and happier) life.

  • Good Sleep Hygiene:

    Lack of sleep hygiene introduces many problems in life, including depression. Maintaining sleeping schedule and timing; and 7 hours of sound sleep every night helps your emotional well-being. Do everything you can to enable this – be it brighting up the room, sound proofing and most importantly, discipline!

  • Reduce Caffeine Intake:

    Chocolate, coffee and soda have a high percentage of caffeine, which can interfere with your sleep, especially when consumed in the evenings. Reduce or avoid them. If you are addicted to caffeine, try to reduce the quantity slowly to avoid the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

  • A Step toward Spirituality:

    Yoga and meditation provide help enormously in lowering stress and depression. They help individuals improve their level of consciousness and control over their reactions and thoughts. Both research and statistics support this.

  • Get some Exercise:

    Regular physical exercise is very effective for the prevention and treatment of depression. Well, we understand that it is hard to be motivated to exercise when you are depressed, but you may start your healthy habit of exercising with your loved ones. For example, you may ask your friends, relatives or neighbors to join you for a walk. This has multi-fold benefits.

  • Eat Good Mood Food:

    The kind of food we eat influences our mood, health and mind. So, maintaining a well-balanced diet with all rich nutrients can help you feel better holistically. You can consult a dietitian/ nutritionist that can help you plan a well-balanced diet and a nutritional supplement best for you.

  • Avoid Alcohol:

    While alcohol appears to be giving you that quick escape (from reality), it can itself become the cause of increasing depression in case of prolonged and high dose use. If you can’t consume it in a very controlled and limited quantity and frequency, its best to avoid it for controlling depression.

  • Try Socializing More:

    Remember that human is a social animal. We need company to exchange thoughts, feelings, gain and provide compassion. It’s perfectly fine to express and share, instead of burning internally alone. Identify means of socializing into groups, communities and activities that match your personality and interests viz., volunteering, sports, partying, games, arts or whatever that provides you opportunity to mingle with like-minded people.


Keep in mind, every human goes through feelings of both depression and excitement, the degree and timing varies. It’s fully manageable and combatable; all it needs is awareness, adopting the best practices, lifestyle changes and consultation with experts for defining the right treatment path. Consulting dietician and nutritionist for healthy food and supplements will further help the cause – just like we have seen improvement in many build physical and mental health, by using Ridomaxx multivitamins.