The monsoons have arrived once again to remind us of nostalgic fun moments of splashing in the water puddles, getting wet in the first rain of the monsoon, and eating hot food items with our loved ones. Monsoon brings in a cold breeze after the hot and humid summer that we all desire. However, it also brings in vulnerability to various diseases and infections. In this season we are not only prone to water and food-borne diseases but also flu as our immunity is weakened. The changing weather does affect our immunity and not to forget the rainy season is the breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects capable of spreading harmful diseases like dengue and malaria. In the rainy season, some infections do spread faster.

You all might wonder how monsoon season affects our immunity?

Well, our main immunity is our white blood cells that constantly flow in our blood and fight any intruders like bacteria and viruses. When we get wet in rain, our body temperature fluctuates, adding to that bacteria, viruses, and infections affecting our body from everywhere. In this situation, our white blood cells get occupied fighting all the infections and our body tries to get back to its normal temperature. This exhausting process causes our body’s immunity to be weakened.

Even though common cold and other flu are expected in the monsoon, the good news is that prevention of these infections and diseases is effortless. Here are a few ways to protect your body from diseases and infections:

  • Salt Water: Gargling with a pinch of salt in lukewarm water can help you prevent throat infections.
  • Keep it warm: Treat yourself with monsoon beverages like soups, tea and coffee, this will help you maintain your body temperature.
  • Hygiene: Moisture in monsoon facilitates the growth of bacteria and infections. So keep yourself and your surroundings clean and dry. Do let water clog near your surroundings as these water puddles become the host for mosquito breeding. Also, avoid eating outside as food outside is not properly covered and the source of water used to cook the food is unknown. So it’s best to avoid eating outside.
  • Boil your drinking water and keep yourself hydrated: Boiling the drinking water helps kill all the germs that can be harmful to you. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated as that helps maintain your body temperature.
  • Eat Healthily: Eat a healthy balanced diet that helps your body with all the nutrients it needs. Try and include turmeric in your diet as it helps you with your immunity and has other benefits as well. Do not forget to take your multivitamins with your diet that helps your body overall.

Monsoon brings fun and excitement for a lot of us but we also need to protect our bodies from infections and diseases. And today we learned that the best way is to eat healthily and stay healthy. We do recommend Ridomaxx multivitamins that helps boost your immunity and improve overall body health.