Best Multivitamins For Men In India The health awareness wave

In the past decade, awareness about health and fitness has seen a consistent rise. The increase in the number of gymnasiums, yoga clubs, and camps, public places like gardens and jogging parks in private residential societies, and public spaces; all point towards the keen interest that people are taking in maintaining their health and fitness.

The fit Bollywood actors also have impacted the youth positively and men and young boys want to be fit like famous actors. Men also have started to groom themselves and they too want to look younger. Not only are they visiting beauty salons, but are taking a keen interest in a healthy diet and are consuming nutritional supplements which help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

The exponential rise in nutritional supplements

Men are now aware of the nutrition and benefits of the food that they consume. Whether it is protein powders or multivitamin and multimineral nutritional supplements, people are buying them online.

Some of the prominent categories of nutritional products are the multivitamin and minerals tablets like Ridomaxx Men which specifically cater to the nutritional requirements of men.

Nutrition for men

The trend of gender-specific nutrition has taken center stage and companies are now offering separate nutritional formulas that meet the nutritional requirements of the male and female bodies. For example, men have more muscle mass as compared to women and men also lose fat faster than females. Addressing such differences in the body make; there is now a clear segment for men specific nutritional supplements and this segment is growing at a phenomenal rate. The multivitamins for men are showing rapid growth as seen in the number of units sold online, and the growth is also seen in the types of men-specific multivitamin supplements available.

There is too much clutter in this market space now, and it is difficult to pinpoint which is the best multivitamin for men.

Popular multivitamin dietary supplements:

The best multivitamin tablets for men today are the ones that have a scientifically supported formulation of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. One of the best formulations of vitamins and minerals tablets is the newly launched Ridomaxx Men from Medinomics.

Some of the prominent nutritional supplements that have been in the market for quite some time are as mentioned below:

MuscleBlaze – The MuscleBlaze daily multivitamin for men contains a blend of 25 multivitamins and minerals. This is one of the most popular brands in the market today owing to the aggressive promotion. Their focus is more on bodybuilding and muscle strength.

Dymatize – Dymatize multivitamin tablets are not targeted specifically for men’s health. The cost of the product is also not affordable to all and availability remains irregular.

Ridomaxx Men contains 24 essential nutrients. The formula is derived to meet the daily nutrient deficiency in the average man. It takes care of the RDA or recommended dietary allowance. RDA gives a guideline on the amount of nutrient intake that is ideal for maintaining good health. The daily deficiency of multivitamins, minerals, and trace elements is met by taking one tablet a day. It has B-complex vitamins, vitamin c, and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K.

All the essential minerals and trace elements like calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, etc. The comprehensive range of nutrients ensures that every tissue is nourished for optimum function. Having the FSSAI certification boosts confidence in the quality of this product. The manufacturing company, Medinomics Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has its manufacturing unit which is WHO GMP certified and also inspected and certified by regulatory authorities from many countries.

Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin Tablet  – This is another very expensive multivitamin formulation and the pack size is 150 tablets. Buying even one pack might be unaffordable to the majority of the people.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men  – This is another good multivitamin and minerals supplement. Its focus is more on prostate health and for men above 50. This product is extremely expensive and thus out of reach of most people.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men – This is another multivitamin brand that that comes in a pack size of 150 or 240 tablets. Most people will not be able to buy this as it is a costly nutritional supplement.