We do not realize how forgiving our bodies were in our teens and 20s until we enter the 30s. Gone are the days of strenuous physical tasks – the 30s hit differently. Sometimes even seemingly innocuous activities may result in pains and aches which linger for days.

Why not? The muscle mass decline in, and we gradually lose our bone mass every day in our 30s. And this loss only accelerates as we age.  Losing the full strength of bones which provide structure to our body, anchor our muscles, and protect the vital organs is not an ideal situation to be in.

But if you are in your 30s and are blaming your body and age, then it’s only a cop-out.

With a dash of awareness about bone health and a handful of preventive measures, we can improve our fitness and reduce the risk of injury and body pains as we age.  Read on to know how:

Why do we lose our bone mass in the 30s?

Bones in our body in living tissue that is made up of collagen and calcium. Unlike their hard image, bones are living and growing tissues that are under the constant flux of breaking down and building up.

Think of them as a bank that accepts deposits and offers withdrawals. During the childhood, the deposits are faster than withdrawals and this lead to constant bone growth.  The 20s is when the withdrawal and deposits stabilize and the 30 is when are bone bank hits its peak.

However, the deposits slow down and withdrawal gradually increases in the 30s – loss bone mass and strength is imminent. Fortunately we right nutrition and exercise we can mitigate the bone loss and cut down the risk of injury.

How to improve bone health as we age?

The simple way to compensate for the increased withdrawals is to make additional deposits with the due paper work. If calcium supplementation is the additional deposit then exercise is the paperwork.

So the two key elements of improved bone health in the 30s are:

  1. Strength training:  Strength training is found to be the most effective way to offset the age-related bone decline in bone density and mass. The additional stress placed on the bones gives the bones a new impetus to grow resulting in denser and stronger bones. While strength training is not everyone’s cup of tea, one can choose any exercise that involves a full body movement that can put healthy stress on the skeletal system.
  2. Targeted Nutrition: The exercise must be followed by targeted nutrition that enables the body to build bone and improve its density. The following are three most vital nutrients needed for stronger and denser bones:
  • Calcium: Bones are made up of calcium whose depletion is the reason for weaker and less-denser bones as we age. Our body also needs calcium to move muscles, circulate blood and release hormones. And when there isn’t sufficient calcium, our body draws Calcium to form the bones which are why additional supplementation is needed.
  • Vitamin D: Though bones are made up of Calcium, it still is one side of the coin. Without adequate Vitamin D supplementation, our body doesn’t absorb Calcium, no matter how much we consume it through our diet. So Vitamin D is another vital nutrient that must not be missed for healthier bones.
  • Vitamin K: Vitamin D helps in the absorption of Calcium. But as said above calcium is only a vital nutrient that is needed for a variety of bodily functions. So the calcium may also end up in other locations without adequately reaching the bones. It is the role of Vitamin K to ensure that Calcium is transported to the intended locations i.e. bones of our skeletal system.

So right exercise and targeted nutrition can help mitigate bone loss and cut down the risk of injuries. The best way to get the required nutrition is to ensure a well-balanced diet that is rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

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