Multivitamins, minerals, and trace elements are vital for the development and normal growth of the foetus. The foetus receives nutrition for its growth from the mother through the placenta. If the pregnant woman is malnourished, then there is every possibility that the normal development and growth of the foetus will be compromised.

Thus, the vitamins for pregnant women are a necessity for the normal growth of the foetus. The quantity of multivitamins needed in pregnancy is more than usual as the foetus is taking its food from the mother. There are two lives to be fed with essential nutrition so that the outcome of the pregnancy is a good one. Multivitamins pregnancy:

One cannot doubt the importance of multivitamins in pregnancy. These are the building blocks and essential elements that help the normal growth of the foetus. Pregnancy being a sensitive matter, almost all women take extra care during this phase and follow their doctor’s advice regarding food intake, nutritional supplements, medicines, lifestyle changes, exercising, etc. Most doctors prescribe multivitamin supplements to prevent the development of any deficiencies of essential nutrients in the mother and foetus.

Any medicines or nutritional supplements that you are taking when you are pregnant must be advised by a medical practitioner. The vitamins for pregnant women are to be taken only on a prescription and not otherwise. The prenatal phase demands extra care about nutrition and this is especially important for pregnant women who are vegetarian. Pregnancy supplements are specially designed to meet extra nutritional needs that arise owing to the pregnancy. Although multivitamin tablets for pregnancy are no substitutes for a nutrition-rich diet, they do help in preventing the development of deficiencies. These vitamins for pregnant women are absolutely necessary during the first few weeks of pregnancy as they eliminate the developmental risk in the foetus if any.

Deficiencies of essential nutrients like multivitamins, minerals, and trace elements are commonly found in Indian women. The reason for the development of deficiencies can be attributed to not consuming fresh food, not cooking properly (overcooked food), or not consuming enough food.

Multivitamin tablets for pregnancy; the safety factor:

Most people are worried about the safety of consuming multivitamins in pregnancy and it is right in a way. Anything going into the stomach of the mother is going to have an impact on the developing baby. It is therefore mandatory to seek advice from the doctor before taking any pregnancy supplements or vitamins for pregnant women.

There are a few important things that the pregnant woman has to keep in mind:

– Do not compromise on your nutritional intake during the pregnancy period.

– Do not take any medicines or multivitamins without the advice of your doctor.

– Take the full dose of multivitamins pregnancy.

– Stay cheerful.

– Do the recommended exercises only.